Hey Dobropals, I'm going to use this page for cool dobro related stuff and it will be developing over time. To get started though, a reminder that all dobro players need to get this album...


I am proud to have been included among the pickers producer Jerry Douglas chose to honor Tut's contributions to the dobro literature. the music on this album should be known by every dobro picker !



Here's a Jazz arrangement of mine...Charlie Parker's Yardbird Suite  as I play it on the Ol' Hound Dog....Click on the link to go to soundcloud.com to hear it and if you wish to download it you can do it from there.



Here's the Music & Tablature-

Click on the link to Download it


Hey ResoSummit pals! I've uploaded all the tabs, rhythm tracks, and tracks of me playing the tunes for my Blues Into Jazz, Dobro in Rio, and Swingin' the Hound Dog classes from this year's Reso Summit 2012. Click on the link and download what you like.



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